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Q: How long will the Tour take?

A. The gardens on Tour can be visited in any order. You will set your own pace for the Tour and decide what order in which to visit the gardens. Generally it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to visit each garden.

Q: How far away are the gardens on the Tour from one another?
A. Most gardens are within a few blocks of each other (some closer). There will be gardens on both the East and West sides of Georgetown which you may visit in any order.

Q: Is photography allowed?
A. Yes, and encouraged!

Q: What is the policy on children attending the Tour?
A. Children under 12 years old are allowed free of charge. Baby strollers may not be taken into the gardens due to space limitations.


Q: Is there parking available in Georgetown?
A. Parking is not provided for the Tour but there are many parking lots and garages available. Click on Georgetown BID for full information. Street parking can be found in Georgetown but the two-hour limit is strictly enforced.

Q. Is there public transportation available for getting to the Tour?
A. Click on Georgetown BID Getting Here for complete information on Metro and bus service.

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?
A. Please be aware that our tour is held rain or shine. There are no cancellations or refunds.

Q: What happens to the proceeds from the Georgetown Garden Tour?

A. The Georgetown Garden Club is a non-profit organization. All proceeds from the Tour are returned to Georgetown, to its parks and recreation facilities, to its green spaces and beautiful trees, and to conservation scholarships. We dedicate our efforts to a vibrant, clean environment that can be enjoyed by all who stroll the streets of our village.

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